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Furs For Accord!

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hustla_fox @ 03:52 pm: New Guy! (Don't kill me!)
Hey! I'm Scott Phelps (a.k.a. Hustla Fox), and I'm a 15 year old black fox. I'm corrently taken (sorry all you vixens out there) and I am entering the 10th grade this fall. I enjoy playing NFS, street racing, and uhh...uhh...not much else. Ya want more info about me check out my LJ and my info page.Hopefully I'll meet a lot of ya and be a friend that won't hustle you for money.

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Date:June 22nd, 2005 12:40 am (UTC)
Welcome to Fur Accord.

Thanx for joining. As you can see this community is for dicussing and finding alternatives to trolling and flamers. I hope in the future you find the help you need in this community incase something breaks out.

But while you are here you can fool around and have fun a bit greeting new comers. :3

~Silver the Hybrid wolf
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