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nightfurson @ 08:29 am: Been Kinda quiet here! I propose intelligent conversation!
Heya folks, it's been kinda quiet at this community, so I'm going to throw out a topic for discussion/conversation, to promote some sorta activity.

What are your opinions on genetically modified (Engineered) crops? (Debates included)

There are many sides to the issue, but here are some sides that stand out... pick one or more, or make your own. If you have an opinion, shout it out and don't worry if you sound stupid... I was the first to, Lol.

Some (but not all) of the possible sides:

Pro genetics: Agriculture Advance side:
Folks who feel that the advances of genetically modified crops are above the other issues. Concerns in this are such as increasing yield, shortening growing time, ease of care, lessening water or nutrient requirements, or creating other productive advantages. Some examples are putting fish genes in strawberries, so that the strawberries have an advantage against cold... or possibly engineering plants to have a natural insecticide in them. Crop genetics has been in place for ages, on a smaller scale... this can include things such as farmers developing new kinds of apple, or folks increasing the size of corn over hundreds of years. Modified plants could be a boost to many developing countries, and is being considered.

Pro/Con genetics: Business Competitivness:
Concerns in this category include businesses that want to use genetics to improve competitiveness (Pro), and businesses that want to keep their crops free of abnormalities, but will lose market pressence and profits if they don't modify (Con)

Con genetics: Unbalancing the environment:
One concern here is about making plants with unnatural advantages to other plants, and then they accidentally get loose, grow uncontrollably like weeds, and push out native plant life. A second concern is if something is modified and changes the environment enough to creat damage to other species. One example of this would be modified corn, with herbicides in it to target milkweed, a weed that exclusively grows in/near corn. There are several species of bugs that feed on the milkweed, and once they are gone, the rest of the involved food chains suffer.

Con genetics: Public health:
One concern, is that people have voiced negative opinions about producing/ingesting/buying modified foods. Public opinions can include ethical standpoints of "God doesn't want you playing God", or "Don't eat/buy that food, it's been tampered with". Another concern, is that geneticly modified plants are still a relatively new field of technology... more time might be needed to gauge its effect on society. Yet another concern, is confusion in letting the public know what's in their food, as allergies and other things can create problems. Two examples of this: example one, is that soy beans are in so many things now adays, and I hear some folks have trouble with them... it's difficult to tell what extent they are in food. The second example, would be accidents and control of foods. A while back, in a rare case, some brazil nuts spliced with corn when they were being transported together. This new corn became widespead, and would cause problems for people with allergies to brazil nuts. There was a call for this corn to be labled as livestock feed, as it was unfit/unsafe for human consumption, but it still found its way into "Taco Bell" tacos.

Con Genetics: Bio-diversity:
The big concern here, is much like the "Unbalancing the environment" side. Lets say one modified species of cabbage becomes more profitable/useful than the other varieties, and replaces them, we could easily lose those other species. What is even more dangerous, is if a big plague/disease spreads through that crop... Since there would be fewer varieties of plants, the chances of one of them surviving would drop. Also, if the leading species of plant is hit hard and is completely wiped out, the world loses it's stock of it.

So, how do you folks feel on the issue? Do you feel genetically modified crops should be used? Should we wait? Is it worth the risk? Will it damage the economy or the environment, or improve them? Could it be the boost many countries need? Should "Inuyasha" get a bionic arm? You be the judge... say something or anything... post here and make some noise.

NightFurson the Insomniac


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Date:August 26th, 2005 05:26 am (UTC)
Sorry I haven't responded.... It's been so quiet here I guess I kinda forgot about it.
Date:November 8th, 2005 04:28 am (UTC)
Eh, I just wandered back to the fur_accord community, to see what's up with it... at least to see where things left off... I re-read your comment here... I'm pretty sure this community is dead, and I'm feeling that we should bury it out of respect. Hrm... in my case, I'm trying to clear out my lists and etc... I'll be quitting, yet remembering.

In any case, I'd like to thank you for your time spent building, starting, and handling the community, despite the lack of activity. Eh... I tried posting this to your journal, but it's friends only... sooooooooo... I'm replying to an ancient thread instead.

Thanks for everything, carry on and etc.

*hugs and runs*
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